About Us

We thank you for visiting our website.

Team Virginia is an organization composed of organ, tissue, and cornea transplant recipients and living donors from across the state of Virginia . Every other year, our team competes with other teams across the nation in The Transplant Games of America. We also have donor families as part of our team and of course many supporting friend and families.

This website was built with the purpose to invite potential members to join our team. Beyond travel to the games, the only cost to you is the commitment to continue to raise awareness of the need for organ donors and to champion the success of transplantation. There are over 100,000 person waiting for a life saving organ transplant and many more in need of tissue and cornea transplants. We want to spread awareness of this social issue, and It is our firm belief that by forming this organization, our combined voices will be much louder and our message will be much clearer.

We invite you to become an organ donor or become a sponsor. Support Team Virginia!

Team Virginia‘s Co-Managers are Rich Eitzel, Cindy Jackson and Patrick Kacani.