Team Virginia TGA is a non-profit and hoping to take part in “Giving Tuesday”.  Your money goes to help transplant recipients and living organ donors promote the success of transplantation and the need for more donors by helping them attend the Transplant Games of America and other events in line with our mission.  You may send checks or donate through paypal to  Just click on “send to a friend” to save fees!  Thanks in advance!

Everyone is home and back to work and responsibilities.  Another amazing experience filled with opportunities to open the discussion around the success of transplantation and the need for more donors.

17 organ recipient and living donor Athletes came home with

14 Gold. 13 Silver. 18 Bronze.

Way to go Team Virginia

We are a little behind on updates mostly because track and field followed by basketball resulted in a great, but busy day! Tomorrow is pickleball for Rut and Gary at 1 at the convention center. Be sure to check for pictures and updates.


Medal engraving is available at TGA village, near the Kid’s Zone for a fee. For more information please see the engraving booth.

Track and Field schedule is up and can be found here…


Team Virginia has three medals as of this morning. Congratulations to Orion, Lisa, and Steve.